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What if we could take nature's simplicity and make it even more powerful? You can with Aqana.

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Winning the confidence of customers with Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System DACS®

With innovative technology and tailor-made wastewater treatment plants, Aqana makes a difference in the industrial wastewater treatment market.

Aqana’s technology makes it possible to make the purification of wastewater a sustainable process. With the DACS® treatment, a relatively large amount of biomass is held inside of the carriers within the anaerobic system – resulting in the effective conversion of the organic material in the wastewater into biogas.

DACS® eliminates the expensive necessity of granular sludge and by that manages to provide a reliable anaerobic system that guarantees continuous operation regardless of changes in flow and organic load. Thanks to this innovation the retention of the biomass is no longer limited by the flow velocity inside the reactor!

Aqana DACS® works efficiently with other wastewater treatment configurations.

Tangible benefits for your company and the environment


Experience solutions that guarantee operational reliability even with fluctuating composition of the wastewater.


Reduce your OPEX with a system that consumes less chemicals and ensures uninterrupted green energy source at your WWTP.


Meet the most stringent environmental regulations with ease. Preserve water for future generations.

Building better future with the customers

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Toby Heasman

Hall & Woodhouse Brewery

Aqana’s patented Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System DACS® with its unique simple but very efficient and robust technology set a new standard in the anaerobic wastewater treatment sector. Helping us reduce the discharge costs and operational expenditure.

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Process Team

Van Der Velden

The DACS® treatment plant is a vast improvement on the original aerobic system. The operational efforts and costs are drastically minimized and the performance of the plant is reliable and satisfying in all aspects.

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    Cider Production

    Cider Springs

    Aqana DACS®


    Karmeliten Klosterbrauerei

    Aqana DACS®

    Pulp & Paper

    Cartiera Ciacci

    Aqana DACS® BOX

    Orange Processing


    Aqana DACS®

    Cider production


    Aqana DACS®

    Recycled Paper Mill

    Cartiera dell' Adda

    Aqana DACS®

    Tank & Sewer Cleaning

    Van der Velde

    Aqana DACS®

    Always in pursuit of sustainable growth with Aqana

    Willing to share our expertise and collaborate with clients from all over the world. By working together, we can make nature a part of your solution.

    Whether it’s a beer brewery, apple cider production, or a refinery, every solution is tailor-made and we can purify everything!

    • With the innovative approach, Aqana can tailor-make everything. In this way, we make a reactor as compact as possible in environments where space is limited.
    • In-house Research & Development allows the team to test every sample of wastewater in the laboratory and can design a complete reactor for the customer as a pilot unit.
    • Collaboration of experts within the team – from design to commissioning ensures every solution is tested and measured down to the last detail.

    Creating future with widely available, next-generation, and self-sustaining wastewater treatment systems for industries and communities.

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