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Aqana provides customized industrial wastewater treatment solutions for any type of industry. By using biomass carriers in our methane reactors Aqana developed one of the most robust and flexible biological treatment systems on the market.

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Benefits of working with Aqana

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Adapt to clients’ specific needs and local conditions.

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Cost effective

We take the time and effort to design a client specific solution leading to the shortest return on investment. Always reducing solid waste production to a maximum by applying anaerobic technology.

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Renewable energy production

Recovering the energy from industrial effluent before discharge.

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By using biomass carriers in our methane reactors, we can provide one of the most robust and flexible systems on the market.

Industrial wastewater treatment solutions

Winning the confidence of customers with Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System DACS®

With innovative technology and tailor-made wastewater treatment plants, Aqana makes a difference in the industrial wastewater treatment market.

Aqana’s technology makes it possible to make the purification of wastewater a sustainable process. With the DACS® treatment, a relatively large amount of biomass is held inside of the carriers within the anaerobic system – resulting in the effective conversion of the organic material in the wastewater into biogas.

DACS® eliminates the expensive necessity of granular sludge and by that manages to provide a reliable anaerobic system that guarantees continuous operation regardless of changes in flow and organic load. Thanks to this innovation the retention of the biomass is no longer limited by the flow velocity inside the reactor!

Aqana DACS® works efficiently with other wastewater treatment configurations.

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    Make your industrial wastewater treatment more sustainable

    Industrial wastewater can be difficult and expensive to treat – Aqana offers custom wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored specifically for your industry and local conditions.

    Each industry, or even production facility, has different needs which can make it challenging to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

    With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp and paper, beer and beverage, and others, Aqana successfully solved environmental issues of all of them.

    We know how to best approach the treatment of your specific type of wastewater. Plus, how to effectively use biogas as a fuel or even completely close the water loop to further decrease the environmental footprint of your facility.

    Aqana is a one-stop shop for your sustainability needs.


    Network of international partners

    Latest news and events of Aqana

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    Jul 20, 2022

    Suez Water Spain and Aqana’s DACS

    Aqana’s DACS® wastewater treatment technology was commissioned at Zuvamesa orange juice factory, Spain.

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    Jun 22, 2022

    Wastewater treatment plant at Cartiera Ciacci paper mill

    San Marino-based paper mill Cartiera Ciacci relies on Aqana’s industrial wastewater treatment solution to reliably treat their effluents.

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    Aug 2, 2021

    Partner news: GES acquires Aqwise

    GES, which operates in the desalination, water treatment, and wastewater sector announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Aqwise.

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