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Are you concerned about effluent discharge and its impact on the environment? Are the water prices for the industry affecting your bottom line? it might be time to consider closing the water loop at your production facility.

Aqana offers Effluent Reuse and Zero water discharge solutions for industrial clients.

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What are the advantages of industrial effluent reuse?

Effluent reuse has many advantages for industrial facilities since it offers them a sustainable way to conserve water and reduce the volume of wastewater generated.

With the increasing pollution levels of the surface waters, an effluent reuse plant can be an economical alternative water source in comparison to a surface water treatment

Tertiary treatment for all industries

Aqana is proud to offer a complete effluent reuse systems that can help your business save money and reduce its environmental impact.

Depending on the effluent quality and the purpose for reuse, our expert team is capable of selecting suitable technology. This includes membrane filtration processes, and electro deionization to produce ultra-pure water.

With Aqana’s effluent reuse system, you can be sure that your water is clean and safe for reuse.

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