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DACS® Box: reliability and cost-efficiency of Aqana DACS® in a unique containerized concept

DACS® Box is a direct response to the need for efficient wastewater treatment plants that can be, or in a remote setting where minimization of local (civil) construction works is required.

Aqana’s reliable and robust solution allows companies to expand their production.

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The main benefits of the DACS® Box system

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With a modular and easily scalable design, the capacity of the entire industrial wastewater treatment plant can be easily increased.

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The high-rate process

Employ the most energy-efficient anaerobic technology for treating industrial wastewater and convert organic matter into energy-rich biogas regardless of your facility location.

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Reliable performance

Highly resistant to hydraulic shock loads with a short recovery time after toxic loads for smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Working principle

How does DACS® Box anaerobic wastewater treatment technology work?

The DACS® Box is operating based on the same principles as Aqana’s DACS® technology. The DACS® Box is also configured for downward influent flows. The treated wastewater passes through a moving bed of floating plastic carriers, from the top to the bottom of the anaerobic reactor.

The anaerobic biomass is mainly attached to the inside of the carrier. The organic pollutant present in wastewater is converted by the anaerobic biomass into biogas and a relatively small amount of anaerobic sludges.

In contrast to the wastewater, the biogas rises upwards to the top of the reactor, providing a gentle mixing of the carriers and good distribution of water throughout the carrier bed.

The application of the carriers in the DACS® allows for a simpler and more robust internal design of the anaerobic reactors.

Biomass required for treatment is maintained in the reactor by the carriers and excess sludge is removed. Retention of biomass is not limited by the flow velocity inside the reactor. All in easy to transport and install containerized concept.


Building greener future with the customers

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Aqana’s patented Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System DACS® with its unique simple but very efficient and robust technology set a new standard in the anaerobic wastewater treatment sector. Helping us reduce the discharge costs and operational expenditure.

Jan 7th, 2022

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