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We understand that each client’s needs are unique, and we offer a variety of primary treatment options to suit every industry.

What is primary wastewater treatment?

Primary wastewater treatment is the process of removing solids, oils, grease, and liquid waste from the industrial wastewater stream before the secondary – biological treatment steps.

Aqana is committed to providing quality primary wastewater treatment services that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

What are the advantages of the primary wastewater treatment of industrial effluents?

The primary wastewater treatment of industrial effluents has several advantages, and it can be easily implemented at most facilities.

The primary treatment removes a significant amount of pollutants from the wastewater. Not only does it reduce organic loads – decreasing the size and costs of the biological systems, but also can work as equalizing step, protecting the biological steps against toxic shock loads.

The primary treatment for all industries

Aqana offers several primary treatment processes to remove physical and/or chemical contaminants from industrial wastewater, including:

  • Screening – coarse, micro, fine
  • Dissolved Air Flotation – Primary and Secondary DAF
  • Gravity Clarification – Primary and Secondary
  • Filtration – micro screen, sand filtration, multimedia filtration, activated carbon adsorption.
  • Disinfection – chlorination, UV, ozone
  • Decolorization – ozon

Each step in the primary treatment process is designed to address a specific contaminant, and the order in which they are engineered within your system is unique to your situation.

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