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The pharmaceutical industry is critical for developing and manufacturing life-saving and life-improving drugs. It is a highly regulated industry, and pharmaceutical companies must adhere to strict safety and quality standards.

Aqana’s expertise and use of innovative technologies allow pharmaceutical companies to solve the unique challenges posed by their type of production.

What are the main pollutants in wastewater in the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmaceutical industry wastewater compositions can change in quantity, and quality and may contain:

  • antibiotics, hormones, and other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • cleaning agents,
  • heavy metals.

Why is it crucial for pharmaceutical companies to treat their post-production wastewater streams?

The chemical activity of the contaminants present in pharmaceutical wastewater makes it especially dangerous to people and animals. For example, antibiotics that are discharged into waterways can contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and hormones affect the fish and other aquatic organisms.

How does Aqana assist the pharmaceutical industry to comply with local environmental standards?

Aqana provides pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions, expertise, and as well as piloting capabilities, to engineer custom-design and highly efficient wastewater treatment plants.

With the capacity to tackle an entire range of impurities – including chemically active pollution, by the employment of various techniques, such as activated carbon absorption, advanced membrane filtration systems, and reverse osmosis, we can assist the companies to close their water loop, and even recover precious and highly valuable ingredients.

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