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The food and beverage sector has always been under special scrutiny due to the volume and character of the pollution generated during the production processes.

Stricter regulations have pushed many industries, including food and beverage, to run their wastewater treatment plants in a more efficient way. And now more than ever, the innovation must be combined with CAPEX / OPEX optimization.


What are the main pollutants in wastewater in the food & beverage industries?

The heterogeneity of different products reflects the wide range of different wastewater that can be encountered in this sector.

Depending on the sector and the type of production, wastewater composition can vary. However, there are certain impurities, such as organic pollutants that are predominantly present in the wastewater streams in the wastewater streams.


Food and beverage industry wastewater compositions can change in quantity, and quality and may contain:

  • organic contamination, including fat oil and grease (FOG),
  • nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphate,
  • sulfate calcium.


Why is it crucial for the factories, and any food and beverage manufacturer to treat the post-production wastewater streams?

Removal of organic pollutants l is necessary for the safety of the water body the treated wastewater stream is later discharged. The organic contamination also offers the possibility of anaerobic treatment – which allows for the generation of the biogas that can be used as fuel at the food and beverage facilities.


How does Aqana assist the food and beverage industry to comply with local environmental standards?

Aqana proprietary technologies and approach to engineering and troubleshooting allow us to deliver turnkey solutions.

Aqana and its team of experts can provide industrial clients with a complete wastewater treatment system, combining pre-treatment, biological treatment, and tertiary treatment. The integration of the DACS, our proprietary Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System, allows minimizing operational expenditures by converting the organic components of the wastewater into biogas and using it as a green fuel at your facility.


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